RTG iRacing Rules

You must read and agree with these rules to register for any RTG iRacing event.
Registration is at the bottom of this page

Some of the links are still directed to NR2003 forums and registrations.
These links will be fixed as we create the iRacing forums and the RTG League @  iRacing.

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Basic Information

This is only a GAME so have FUN.

***New Drivers are expected to READ and know our RULES, but we don’t expect you to remember every rule.
Every New Driver will be interviewed before being able to Race @ RTG.
During your interview you will be asked if you know some of our main rules.
If you don’t know any of the rules, you will be asked come back when you do.

You MUST have High Speed Internet & a Wheel to race @ RTG.

Drivers Age
You must be 21 years old or older to race @ RTG.
All new  drivers will be on a 90 day probation.
We do allow some drivers under 21 to race @ RTG, but it is Mandatory that you speak to David Canon or Sean Prime in TS before your are permitted to race @ RTG.
Drivers under 21 will be on probation until their 21st B-day.

***New drivers at RTG will be required to prove their age.***

Driver Name


This must be your real name and we do NOT allow league or team tags on your name in the race Server.

We do allow drivers to add their tag to the end of their name in Team Speak.

If you do not wish to use your real name contact David Canon in the RTG TeamSpeak and we will work with you.


Car Number & Car files

All drivers will be required to sign-up at TradingPaints.com. (This is free, but you can upgrade to pro)

You will need your iRacing Customer ID Number.

All drivers are expected to Race with their correct Car # & Have there Car File uploaded to Trading Paints.

If you do not have a car painted you can use one from Trading Paints.

If you do not have a car uploaded to Trading Paints or using one from Trading Paints you will NOT get a Winners Pic.

Exception: If a driver shows us they have made an Honest attempt to correct this issue we will work with them to get it corrected.

If you need a car or truck painted post in the iRacing Skin Request section of our forum and there are several very good painters that will gladly paint one for you.

Click here to make a skin request.
 (You must be logged into the forum to post)

Car Number

Drivers must use the same car Number in all series @ RT

Drivers must use the same car # all season.

You may request a different Car Number for the next season but you can NOT change your Car Numbers in mid season.
If you switch car #’s in mid season you will NOT receive any points until you switch back to the car # you started the season with.

Request your Car # Here …You must be logged in to post.

Do Not use another Drivers car #. 
1st offence: Warning               2nd offence: Parked for the night
Driver #’s are located in our forum here.

Drivers # List Here 

If you are not in this list make a post to have your Car # added to the list.
You are to use the same car # for all RTG Series.

Unnecessary Programs 
Make sure all your instant messengers, anti-virus and windows updates are shut off before entering the server.
We suggest you use End It All before you enter the server.

Substitute Drivers & Provisional
We do NOT allow any substitute drivers in any series.

Each driver will get 2 provisionals per series/per season.

You MUST post in the forum or contact the series Director before the start of the next race to get a Provisional.

Provisional Points = 2 pts less than last place.

If there are multiple drivers asking for a provisional for the same race they will all receive the same points.

Natural Disasters
Any drivers not able to race because of a natural disaster will receive last place points.
To receive the points you must contact an Admin, post in the forum or Facebook or have a message relayed to us.

BUT if a driver tries to take advantage of this rule and was not effected by a natural disaster they will get ZERO points for that race and lose both of there provisionals for that season.

Technical Issues
If you show up to race but are unable to get in the server because of a technical problem you will get last place points.
You will not be charged a provisional.

Losing Connection to the Server
If a driver loses connection during a race we do NOT give laps back.

This is considered a mechanical failure on your end.

The only exception to this would be a server glitch which causes several cars to lose connection.


RTG Team Speak 3 Info
IP: vs34.tserverhq.com:7110
TS PW: gofaster

Get TeamSpeak3 here

Mandatory TeamSpeak or in game voice chat to Race 
It is mandatory that all drivers be in team speak or iRacing voice chat and have a working microphone.

We allow limited Team Speak during the Race.

If a director says to be Quiet or No more Team Speak you will be black flagged and/or parked if you continue to talk.

Absolutely NO use of Team Speak or Text chat during qualifying. 
You may receive a black Flag at the start of the race for this offence.

Under Caution
There is NO non race related chat on TS the 1st and last Yellow flag laps.
If drivers are getting too carried away on TS directors may go to Race Chat only on TS for all Yellow flag laps.
1st offense = warning   2nd offence = Black flag  3rd offence = parked

Inappropriate Language
There is NO profanity, racist remarks or sexual innuendoes allowed in the RTG Race Room. (This includes open & private text chat)
Penalties per race night
1st offence = Warning
2nd offence = Black Flag
3rd offence = Parked for the night 
If you continuously break this rule you will receive a suspension.

Whispering to directors or Admins during the drivers meeting must stop.
If you have a question for them wait until they ask if anyone has any questions.

Race Server, Server Settings & Points

Race Server Settings
Practice = 8:00pm est. (15min.)
Drivers Meeting = 8:10pm est.
Set-up =  Open
Quick Repairs = 1
Double file restarts = Yes for 1st 3 restarts then we go to single file restarts the rest of the race.
Yellow Flag Lap Count = No
All driver aids and views allowed
Race lengths = 8 laps Heats.  10 lap Conci.  50 – 100 laps Main Events
Green White Checkered = 2 Attempts
Weather = 
78° “iRacing Default”
Track State = Admin discression

RTG Points System.

Finish PositionPointsFinish PositionPointsFinish PositionPoints

Bonus Points

Bonus Points for Heat Races.
Only the Top3 Finishers in Heat Races will Receive Bonus Points.
1st = 5pts
2nd = 3pts
3rd = 1pt

A driver who sets quick time in Qualifying and also wins his heat, has option to start EOLL in feature and earn 5 bonus points if he wins the event

No Bonus Points for leading laps

Causing an Incident = EOLL Penalty
Not Owning up to an Incident = -1 lap post race penalty

Driver Ethics

FLAMING and Outbursts  
Will not be tolerated in any RTG event whether it is over Team Speak or through text chat.

1st offence: Probation, -1 lap penalty and/or Parked for a week.
Using any profanity, especially the “F” bomb while flaming is an automatic kick from the server.

Continue to Flame or make Outbursts after being parked: To be determined by the RTG Admins.

2nd offence: To be determined by the RTG Admins.
This also includes IM’s, emails and posts in the forum.

Absolutely NO profanity, raciest remarks, flaming or making fun of other drivers in your binds/macro’s.

Game Glitches
Use of any game glitches will NOT be tolerated @ RTG.
If you are caught you will be Warned, Penalized, DQ’ed or maybe Banned from RTG depending on the severity of the offence.

Stopping on the track
There is NO stopping on the track under caution to go get a drink, use restroom etc.

If you need to do any of these please pit and stay in your pit stall while doing so. 
You will receive a black flag if you stop on the track under caution just to keep your position.

If you stop on the track to retire under green flag or during a wreck under caution you will be charged an Incident.

Under Green: There is NO stopping on the track to retire. If you do so and the caution comes out you will be charged with intentionally bringing out the caution. If the caution does NOT come out you will still be charged an incident.

Under Caution or during a wreck: You must make an honest effort to get back to your pit stall or at least safely get to the apron or infield.
This will be looked on an Individual basis to see if you could safely get off the track.

Intentionally bringing out the caution.
Any driver who intentionally brings out the caution will be parked for 2 weeks from all RTG events.

Examples: Stopping on the track to retire…Intentionally blowing your motor…Intentionally spinning someone out.

Weaving Under Caution
There is No weaving back and forth under caution.

You will be warned the 1st time and black flagged there after.

Team Tactics
Here at RTG we race as individuals. We know drivers are more apt to help their friends or league mates and that is completely acceptable.
But we will not tolerate unethical Team Tactics to boost your team stats.

So if you use team tactics to show a lack of respect to any other drivers in any RTG race on the track OR off, you and your teammates will be asked to leave.
This includes using social media and streams to put down any driver from any RTG race that was not part of your team.

Here @ RTG we Race Hard, Race Clean, Race with respect and treat our fellow drivers/members with RESPECT.
If you can’t do these simple things on the track and in this community your team will be asked to leave.

We have always been an open server that welcomes most drivers. We also have a long history of visiting other servers. We never have and never will turn around and trumpet ourselves here or other places and say things like “our drivers beat your drivers”, etc. We consider EVERYONE as simply “drivers” and “friends”.

We don’t judge or discourage anyone who wants to be part of any team anywhere, and welcome any team driver members. We simply ask that you follow our rule and treat all other drivers with equal respect when racing at RTG.

Careless, Reckless and Unsportsmanlike Driving and Conduct

First off, this is racing, not demolition derby, not bumper cars.  This does not mean you can wreck out someone because they are passing you or are faster than you.  If you can’t handle losing a race now and then DON’T RACE.

If you “screw up” on the track or in TS an apology to the effected driver(s) or Admin(s) goes a long way toward resolving conflicts before they escalade into severe penalties. Careless, Reckless and Unsportsmanlike Driving will NOT be tolerated here at RTG.

If you are found guilty of any of these during the season you will receive the following penalties.

This is NOT the order the penalties will be handed out.
If the offence is serious enough you can be charged with 
“Reckless Driving” even though you have never received a “Careless Driving” Penalty.

Careless Driving/TeamSpeak Conduct
This is the 1st tier of penalties for minor infractions such as outbursts in TS, ignoring Admins and on track infractions. This is basically a warning to drivers to calm down or you will be advanced to the next tier of penalties.
Refer to the TeamSpeak rules for the 2nd TeamSpeak offence.

1st Offence : 
Warning to a -1 lap down penalty depending on the severity of the offence.
2nd Offence : 
Will be a -1 lap down penalty and be scored behind all cars on that lap.
3rd Offence : Will be considered your 1st Reckless Driving Penalty and carry its penalty.

Reckless Driving

This is the 2nd tier of penalties and they carry stiffer penalties.
Reckless Driving Examples: Dive Bombing, Continuously Driving on the apron/under yellow line to try to pass, unnecessary door slamming and any other on track antics that Admins consider Reckless Driving.

1st Offence : 
Scored last in the race results.
2nd Offence : 
Suspended for 1 Week from all RTG events.
3rd Offence : 
Will be considered your 1st Unsportsmanlike Penalty and carry its penalty.

Unsportsmanlike Driving And Conduct
This is the 3rd tier of penalties and the most severe penalties.Unsportsmanlike Driving/Conduct Examples: Intentionally wrecking a competitor, Blatant disrespect towards fellow drivers or Admins and any on track antics or conduct that the Admins consider Unsportsmanlike.
Penalty to be determined by the RTG Owners.

Retaliation of any form on the track will not be tolerated here at RTG.

1st offence : Suspended from all RTG events for 1 week.
2nd offence : 
Suspended from all RTG events for 1 month.
3rd Offence : 
Look for another league to race in because you are all done racing here at RTG.

*** If at any time a Race Director or RTG Admin feels your actions on the track or in Team Speak are not within race ethics you may be black flagged, penalized, parked or Suspended.***

Incident Rules:

We have a 2 Incident and park it Rule. As we are all adults here you are expected to do this on your own.
You also get 1 free solo self spin as long as it doesn’t effect any other driver.

The 1st solo self spin on dirt will NOT count toward your 2 and park.
BUT if this effects any driver other than yourself it will count as an incident.
Examples: Driver hits you or you hit another driver. A driver gets damage trying to avoid you.

The 1st solo self spin still counts as a -1 penalty point.

Penalty’s if you do NOT park yourself.

#1. 1st offence will result in you being parked the next week or DQ’ed if it’s the last race of the season. 
You will also be on a 1 and park-it when you return.

#2. 2nd offence in a season will result in you being parked the next week and having to run the rest of the season in that series with a 1 Incident and park it penalty. If there is less than 3 races left in the season this penalty will continue the 1st 3 races in the next season.

#3. 3rd offence in a season and you will be suspended from all RTG events the rest of the season. If there is less than 3 weeks left in the season you will be suspended for the 1st 3 weeks of the following season.

***Not parking: If you don’t park yourself your scoring will stop at the lap of your 2nd incident.***

*** If you intentionally cause a wreck between the checkered flag and the back straight you will receive an incident and moved to the EOLL in scoring.***

Incident definition: Any action by you or your internet connection that results in the Yellow flag coming out whether it be a self spin, mechanical failure or contact with another car.

An incident caused by your warp or your connection issues will count toward your 3 and park-it.

An incident which is a result of a mechanical failure such as a blown gear or blown motor, will NOT count toward your 2 incidents and park-it but you will still get an EOLL if you are still in the race.

A caution caused by a blown tire will count as an Incident toward your 3 and park-it.

1st Incidents in a race
If you are the cause of an Incident or think you are the cause you will get an EOLL penalty.

If you fail to serve your penalty you will get a -1 lap penalty and be scored behind all drivers on that lap.

Failure to serve your Incident Penalty 3 times in a series in a season will result in being put on a 1 and park for the rest of the season in that series.
Year long series will be by segments.

2nd Incident in a race
You must park it for the night and will be on a 2 Incident and park until you complete an incident free race in that series.
If you fail to park after your 2nd incident your scoring will stop on that lap and you will be parked the next week. You will also be on a 2 Incident and park until you complete an incident free race in that series.

3rd Incident in a race
If it is found in the replay review that you have 3 or more incidents in 1 race you will be parked for 2 weeks in that series for the 3rd incident and 1 additional week for every incident after that in that race.

There is No One Incident and Park-it Rule in the Dirt Series.

Racing Deals.
We realize that occasionally in the post race review an incident needs to be called a racing deal. But this is only after multiple Admins have reviewed the incident.

If an incident is called a racing deal there is NO post race penalty for any driver involved.

But remember just because a driver(‘s) call an incident a racing deal during the race, it doesn’t mean it will be called a racing deal in the post race review.

Incidents caused from pinching down or up.
We are not saying no one can pinch someone down or up BUT, if an incident happens while doing so YOU will be charged with the incident.

This will be called the 1/2 a car width rule…If you can’t give someone at least a 1/2 a car width of room to move and an incident happens between you two then you will be charged with the incident.


If you’re protesting an incident that has been charged to you, you must protest within 48 hrs of the incident report being posted in the forum.

Protests must be made by the driver charged with the incident, 3rd party protests will NOT be reviewed.

Incident reports will be posted within 72 hrs of the conclusion of all races. 

All protests must be directed to that nights race director.

See who the race director’s are here.

If you lose 3 protests @ RTG in 1 season, you will lose your right to file any more protests for the remainder of the season @ RTG.
You must provide a replay clip from YOUR replay with any protest.
Replay clips must be a minimum of 30 seconds before and after the incident being protested.

Race Rules
We use game rules with the following exceptions

There will be NO goofing off during practice…any driver caught goofing off during practice will be parked until Qualifying.

Drivers Meeting
Manually Disconnecting

Once the server is reset for the drivers meeting Do NOT Manually Disconnect from the server without
a server Admins permission or you will start the race with a black flag and/or not be allowed back in the server.
If this becomes a habit don’t expect to be allowed back into the server.

Waiting for Late Drivers
There is NO resetting the server once it has been set.

Whispering to directors or Admins during drivers meeting must stop. If you have a question for them wait until they ask if anyone has any questions.

Pole Position.
The driver winning the pole position has the choice of high or low.
On restarts the race leader has the choice of high or low.

Too fast Qualifying
If at any time a driver Qualifies substantially faster than the rest of the field we may ask for a replay clip of your qualifying run to verify you did NOT cut the track or exploit any game glitches.

The replay clip must be sent to the Email Address below within 15 minute of the conclusion of the race.
If you fail to produce a replay clip within 15 minutes you will be DQ’ed from that race.
If you fail to produce a replay clip a 2nd time the penalty will be decided by the RTG Officers.  
[email protected]

TeamSpeak during Qualifying
Absolutely NO use of Team Speak or Text chat is allowed during qualifying.
You may receive a black Flag at the start of the race for this offence.

Requesting EOLL During Heat RacesIf you request an EOLL in a heat race you will automatically get one in the Feature.

Race Start & Restarts
The Green flag starts the Race.
There is NO jumping the start of the race you must wait for the green flag.
There is NO attempting to pass high or low on the start of the race or any restart until after you cross the start/finish line.
There is NO moving high or low before the start/finish line to set someone up for the pass after the start/finish line.
This includes changing lanes also. Stay in your lane until you reach the start/finish line.
Penalty for all above = Black Flag or -1 lap post race penalty.

Race Restart
There will be NO Race Restarts.

Restart Pace Speeds
On restarts the race leader will control the restart. It will be announced in the drivers meeting where the leader can gas it the earliest.

If you are more than +/- 5 mph of pace speed or drastically varying your speed before you start the restart you may receive a black flag or a -1 lap post race penalty.

The leader must stay within 1.0 seconds of the pace car until it leaves the track on the start or any restart of the race.

Playing games on restarts will get you black flagged.
Jumping the Restart, lagging back, break checking the field or anything we feel is not within race ethics.
Penalty = Black Flag or a -1 lap post race penalty.

Driver Gaps
All drivers must maintain a 0.1 – 0.3 second gap from the car ahead of you.

Racing into a Wreck
If you are found guilty of racing into a wreck and hitting or causing damage to another car you will receive the following penalty.
1st offence = Warning and -10 point penalty
2nd offence = Parked the next week.

This is NOT to be confused with plowing through a wreck or failure to slow enough for a wreck as these are Careless Driving offences.
And should never be confused with being part of the wreck, a continuation of a wreck or just not enough time to slow for the wreck.

Wave Arounds (Lucky Dogs): 2 per Caution
Lucky Dog is given to the 2 drivers 1 lap down closest behind the race leader when the field catches the pace car, if no cars are 1 lap down it will be given by running order.

Admins will announce ASAP who are the 2 Wave Arounds.

Drivers are to stay low to allow the Wave Arounds to go high around the field.

Drivers are to get only 1 Wave Around per Caution, but unlimited per race.

NO driver is permitted to take there Wave Around on the 1 to go lap.

Clearing Black Flags
Unlike NR2003 most black flags are cleared in this game.

To get your black flag cleared you must key up in game and then hold your key to help the Admin find your name to clear your Black Flack.

Guilty of black flag
If we clear a black flag and it was legitimately yours, you will be penalized -3 laps in the final race results.

Pit Road

Entering & leaving Pit Road
Unless stated otherwise in the drivers meeting you may enter and exit pit road per game rules.
***If there is an access road you must use it entering and leaving the pits.***

Fake Pitting

Causing a wreck while fake pitting or late pitting under caution will result in you getting an Incident. 
This will count toward your 2 and park-it.

Race Finish

Any race that is concluded no matter what problems occurred during the race will be scored.

If you intentionally cause a wreck between the checkered flag and the back straight you will charged an incident and moved the EOLL of the lap you’re on in scoring.

Server Crash
If the race is more than 50% completed and the server crash’s the race will be official if someone is able to save the export or replay.

But if NO export or replay can be saved the race will be considered a rain out and may be rescheduled.

If there is time the admin may take a driver vote on whether to restart a shortened race.

I do not agree with these rules.I have read these rules and am ready to register.