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Challenger Series Approved Drivers…Speedway Series Only

UPDATED on 5/6/2022

Any questions please see David Canon or Sean Prime

CAR #DRIVER NAMEDate ApprovedSeason ApprovedRLM?
0Pat McKarski5/1/2256Yes
1Jason Scheck8/3/1433Yes
Allen Martin12/18/1743No
6Wylye Cote3/28/1638Yes
7Cy Jones8/5/1433Yes
08Glenn Harris1/12/1740Yes
Joe Wewer1/5/2049No
Brian Hoag9/11/1433No
18David Lawson8/31/1536Yes
Yvan Gauthier5/13/2050No
24Joe DiSpirito4/26/1947Yes
Brian Bell8/19/1536Yes
26Billy Ellisor12/28/1846Yes
Gord Quinn8/28/1433Yes
29Brian Wolf8/17/1845Yes
36Jack Dusseault5/13/2050Yes
54Robby Neises5/6/2050Yes
57Stephane Martel5/4/2050Yes
63Andre Rheaume5/4/2050Yes
69Terry Bauman5/4/2050Yes
75Andre Charest5/4/2050Yes
83Lance Munksgard5/1/1741Yes
86Jim Black12/28/1850Yes
Benoit Plourde5/4/2050No
92Bobby Farrell1/1/1843Yes
Dave Earlywine8/5/1433Yes
96Dave Robbins4/5/1535Yes
003David Canon8/3/1433Yes
007Doug Cady1/4/1740Yes
028Larry Ingram1/4/1740Yes
Dave Little5/6/2050No
Carson Krenz8/2/1639No
115Sean Lockyer12/19/1434Yes
Dustin Roser5/1/1844No
143Bob Dixon8/17/1845Yes
338JT Mayhew4/26/1947Yes
710Manny Dias8/17/1845Yes

Drivers below here have been removed from the Challenger Series.

09Matt Woehl12/17/14Top 5 DriverYes
27Andre Mongeon1/17/18Top 5 DriverYes
33Tony Fox12/28/184X ChampionYes
38Rodney Sullins5/1/222X ChampionYes
42Orlando Laboy4/30/182X ChampionYes
43Richard Martin4/26/193X ChampionYes
51Bob Lachance5/13/20Top 5 DriverYes
56Jeff Crivello4/15/153X ChampionYes
Brian Orto4/13/173X ChampionNo
038Dave Melson12/20/192X ChampionYes
Jeffrey Elliott1/23/17Top 5 DriverNo
Daniel Dupuis1/17/18Top 5 DriverNo
141Joe Simpson8/12/16Top 5 DriverYes
711John Godfrey3/16/22VoluntaryYes